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Smart MT is a financial and tax advice firm with a focus on businesses in Armenia. We help realize your ventures with international accreditation and experience.


Business Registration - We offer business registration services that makes initializing your business in Armenia easy and understandable.

Current Accounting - We offer bringing your company's past accounting current, helping you get ahead of your business' metrics.

Tax Mediation - With our knowledge of Armenia's tax laws, we can help alleviate any tax issues through mediation and consultation.

Business Accounting - Whether its payroll, yearly and quarterly reports, or managing tax payments to the government taxation body, we can help you manage your business' finances every step of the way.

We're Connected - Throughout our twenty years of experience in Armenian business and tax laws , we have developed relationships with the State Committee of Income, Labor Inspectorate and Statistical Administration.

Consolidated Financial Statement - As businesses grow, so do their needs to understand the progress of their growth. That's why we offer consolidated financial statements for comprehensive metrics on your business.


Business Planning + Management

Employer Contracts - Whether you're hiring a new employee or signing a new client on retainer, we can offer assistance in every step of your business' day to day and long-term contracts.

Employee Record-keeping- Many businesses have multiple employees who come with multiple necessary documentation.  We offer complete management and  documentation of employee information.

Invoicing + Billing - Navigating the specificities of doing business in Armenia can be challenging. We offer comprehensive billing and invoicing options for businesses.

Payroll + Employee Payment Laws - On of the defining features of Armenia is its educated workforce. We work so you focus on the quality of your team and understand the legality in hiring and employing them.

Employee Workday Management - We offer management of employee sick days, vacation days and unused vacation days so you keep your mind where it matters; your business.



Tax Legislation Implementation - As Armenia's tax laws shift, so do we.  We help your business remain abreast of all new or amended laws so you are aware of each advantage.

Practice in Various Sectors We have experience in various sectors of industry including:  

Tax Audit Documentation Preparation - We keep records so that you don't have to. Tax audits are a regulated and measured process with our documentation procedures.

Tax Review of Past Payment Periods - We can help with reviewing past records of financial information from any payment period to keep better account of your business' finances.




Tax Returns - We also offer and prepare tax returns for monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns as well as co-ordinating with taxation authorities.

Transaction Taxation Consulting - There are sometimes particular laws regarding the taxation of international income, specifically during bank transactions. We will help you navigate laws that may work to your advantage.

Avoiding Double-Taxation - When working with non-residents of Armenia, there are some cases where double-taxation may occur in both the home country of the employee/employer and Armenian taxes. We can help advise your business on how to avoid double taxation.